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Botanical Medicine is..?  

  Botanical medicine can be described as the implementation of plants as nostrum, due to its comparable medicinal properties to pharmaceutical drugs. Humans have been using plants as medicine throughout history to either cure or lessen symptoms from an illness. A pharmaceutical drug however, is a type of drug that is produced in a laboratory to help cure an illness. History Plants have been used for medicinal purposes long before prehistoric period. Ancient Unani manuscripts, Egyptian papyrus and Chinese writings frequently described the use of herbs. Evidence exist that Unani Hakims, Indian Vaids and European cultures were using herbs for over 4000 years as medicine. Indigenous cultures found in Rome, Iran, Africa and the Americas, customarily used herbs in their healing rituals.  “The Egyptian science of healing constituted from the very beginning a system several thousand years in advance of the rest of human society.” -Ebers Papyrus. One of the most important papyrus (early Egyptian official documents), the Ebers Papyrus, written in the early XVIIIth Dynasty, ca 1550 B.C, contains a long list of of …