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Often, when creating new vegan or vegetarian meals, I would take my inspiration from  non-vegetarian/vegan recipes that I enjoyed when I was younger. This simple, healthy and vegan Caribbean appetizer, is a favorite of mine because of the delicious combination of warm dough and tenderized sautéed vegetables. Purple cabbage is widely reported as a healthy dietary option because it balances blood cholesterol, improves immune system productivity and reduces inflammation. Additionally, it is hard to deny a warm, freshly baked, serving of raisin bread. Raisin Bread, Purple Cabbage Patty, and Iceberg Lettuce Salad -4 cups of Whole Wheat Flour -½ cup of Raisin -1 pack of instant rise Yeast -3 teaspoonful of Pink Salt -1 cup of Almond Milk -4 Tablespoonful of Coconut Oil -4 Tablespoonful of Honey -1 small Purple cabbage -2 Carrots -⅓ Sweet Onion -2 Stalks of Green Onion -½ Tomato -2 Cloves of garlic ½ lbs Iceberg Lettuce -½ Avocado -2 tablespoonful of Olive Oil Raisin Bread In one bowl, pour 2 cups of flour (place this bowl on the side). In another …