The (modern) Cell Theory.

Cells, which is currently a very common phrase in our society (think cell phones, cellular devices, and…sperm cells) initially described the habitable zones for Christian monks back in the 17th century. However, an inquisitive scientist by the name of Robert Hooke, with the aid of a simple microscope, [mistakenly] gave new meaning to the wordContinue reading “The (modern) Cell Theory.”


Theme: Take care, my dear. Editors Notes: It is finally summer! Without a doubt, the summer is my most cherished time of the year. My affinity towards the summer months primarily stems from the fact that the weather is consistently habitable, and this my friends, greatly impacts my mood and attitude towards life. Also, theContinue reading “SUMMER: HEALTH + NUTRITION.”

SPRING: Health + Nutrition.

Navigating to the Blue Zone Editors Note: Spring has finally sprung! And Spring in NYC, is a Spring like no other. The color combinations of the red, purple and white cherry blossoms, the reintroduction of native flora and fauna, the spike of ambient oxygen, the birds first songs, its crazy awesome. NYC’s spring is like theContinue reading “SPRING: Health + Nutrition.”