Stress is nothing more than the constant exhaustion of the thymus gland, caused by negative or weakening influences in life. -Andreas Mortiz, ND (Naturopathic Doctor) Research often reveals that the gift of civilization is not always refined or sophisticated. A couple of Saturdays ago, while on my way to visit family, I was surprisingly greetedContinue reading “Stressed?”

(making the case for) MOVEMENT.

  Movement is the active component of growth. The adult human body is comprised of approximately 206 bones, achieving peak bone mass between the ages of 25 and 32. More importantly, the average human adult body is approximately 60% fluid. Fluids that are in constant motion, rarely, if ever, experience sustained growth of disease and/orContinue reading “(making the case for) MOVEMENT.”


Theme: Food Addiction  Editors Notes: This is officially the start of my second year in human nutritional research and analysis. To be quite honest, at times I question the merit of exploring this field. However, I was recently reminded of a Marcus Garvey quote: intelligence rules the world and ignorance carries the burden. For me,Continue reading “The Second FALL: HEALTH + NUTRITION.”

Uncovering the veil of ADHD.

This illness is now considered the most common childhood behavior disorder with a six-fold increase in boys over girls. Children with this condition become at advanced risk for gambling, depression, anxiety and eating disorders.  –    Within nutritional communities, a particularly large amount of energy is diverted into exploring how diet affects the symptoms of ADHD,Continue reading “Uncovering the veil of ADHD.”

What is Nutrition?

Nutritional science, or more specifically, human nutrition, refers to studies that explicitly explore the concept of nutrition. Biomedical Egyptology studies report that individuals of African ancestry were pioneers of ancient nutritional science. Take for example, Imhotep the great Egyptian deity of healing or Nefertum the Egyptian god of health and beauty. Currently, most nutritionists describeContinue reading “What is Nutrition?”