Naturopathy IS.

Quite simply put, naturopathy is the practice of employing the inherent medicinal and therapeutic properties found in nature, to address contemporary illness. For example, the medicinal plant bacopa is widely used for ADHD, ashwagandha decreases the symptoms of anxiety and lion’s mane has proven to be effective at mitigating Alzheimer’s disease. Naturopathic practitioners often utilizeContinue reading “Naturopathy IS.”

Should you toss-out your MICROWAVE oven?

For a significant period in time, microwave ovens were the hallmark of auspicious social mobility and sophistication. Initially, my exposure to the kitchen appliance came in the form of cultural appropriation via television ads while sitting on the couch of my mother’s city home in Kingston, Jamaica. As a child, I associated microwave ovens withContinue reading “Should you toss-out your MICROWAVE oven?”


Often, when creating new vegan or vegetarian meals, I would take my inspiration from  non-vegetarian/vegan recipes that I enjoyed when I was younger. This simple, healthy and vegan Caribbean appetizer, is a favorite of mine because of the delicious combination of warm dough and tenderized sautéed vegetables. Purple cabbage is widely reported as a healthyContinue reading “NEWrecipe.”


The experience of engaging with food has always been nostalgic. Consequently, it wasn’t surprising to learn that scientists have discovered that only the sense of smell bypass the thalamus before accessing the forebrain. Personally, the smell, texture, visual appearance and flavor of the food are all factors that I consider when creating and/or recreating my mostContinue reading “NEWrecipe.”