Day: September 9, 2019

Naturopathy IS.

Quite simply put, naturopathy is the practice of employing the inherent medicinal and therapeutic properties found in nature, to address contemporary illness. For example, the medicinal plant bacopa is widely used for ADHD, ashwagandha decreases the symptoms of anxiety and lion’s mane has proven to be effective at mitigating Alzheimer’s disease. Naturopathic practitioners often utilize these natural alternatives to accelerate and regenerate the healing capability of the body. Naturopaths frequently recommend a diet that prioritizes fruits and vegetables as the main source of sustenance. Additionally, identifying an optimal circadian rhythm that is aligned to the natural day and night cycle of your environment, is a hallmark of the medicinal practice.  An emphasis on observing and monitoring the development of thoughts is another salient feature of naturopathy. Meditation is often encouraged as a tool to quiet the mind, with the intention of improving the brain’s ability to observe, organize and analyze the world around us. Lastly, naturopathy is a lighthouse for those individuals whom the allopathic or western medicinal community has forgotten. Historical Evidence of NATUROPATHY:  …