Day: August 9, 2018

Should you toss-out your MICROWAVE oven?

For a significant period in time, microwave ovens were the hallmark of auspicious social mobility and sophistication. Initially, my exposure to the kitchen appliance came in the form of cultural appropriation via television ads while sitting on the couch of my mother’s city home in Kingston, Jamaica. As a child, I associated microwave ovens with prestige and social ascendence, on the rare occasion I spotted the appliance in a friends home, my perspective on the individual would permanently change. The closest kitchen appliance our family in the country had to a microwave oven was a countertop electronic oven, very similar to a microwave oven, however, not as sleek. Unfortunately, when the family decided to move to New York City in the early 2000s, microwave oven prepared meals became a familiar and necessary part of my daily routine. I can clearly recall the moments as a teenager when I cooked frankfurters, warmed milk, and heated hot pockets in the microwave oven to obtain a quick bite. I never once paused to question what microwave ovens were, …