Day: January 11, 2018


It is quite evident where the culture of overeating emanates. Our parents/grandparents tend to console us with food from an early age. As toddlers, we are told, one spoonful for daddy, one for Mommy and one more for grandma. Often, we mature, not really knowing when we are truly full, reason being, we were never really asked to trust our own gut senses. However, concerns should always be addressed with questions. Have you ever wondered how life must have been when the word cell wasn’t a euphemism for a mobile device? When the word mobile was mentioned, it was only in reference to a horse driven carriage. And, horses looked more similar to the now extinct Equidae. You see, our ancestors rarely, if ever, had the opportunity and/or uncontrollable urge to overeat. My point is, baggage, luggage, checked or unchecked is still baggage. Your body is the physical structure that houses the ideology that you call self. When building a robust structure, an adept architect is aware that an impervious foundation is paramount. This foundation is …