Month: December 2017


Stress is nothing more than the constant exhaustion of the thymus gland, caused by negative or weakening influences in life. -Andreas Mortiz, ND (Naturopathic Doctor) Research often reveals that the gift of civilization is not always refined or sophisticated. A couple of Saturdays ago, while on my way to visit family, I was surprisingly greeted by a group of indecorously blissful young (visibly and audibly drunk) college students on the NYC 1 train. Why? They were celebrating Santacon.  -Yes, that is a real thing. More importantly, the train cars were overcrowded. To pass the time, these (seemingly sophisticated) students decided it was best to indulge in the hackneyed tradition of contentious college drinking games. Keep in mind, this is a public train, young children, seniors and other civil adults were present. The floor of the train car was both wet and slippery. And as stated before, it was the weekend, therefore the MTA service was as fickle as “fiscal conservatives.” Drunk (entitled) college students + snow day + packed train (weekend schedule) = 3 shots …