Day: June 23, 2017


Theme: Take care, my dear. Editors Notes: It is finally summer! Without a doubt, the summer is my most cherished time of the year. My affinity towards the summer months primarily stems from the fact that the weather is consistently habitable, and this my friends, greatly impacts my mood and attitude towards life. Also, the fact that I have two months for self exploration, two months to recreate and realign my reality, two months to plan, two months to unlearn and relearn life lessons, is simply phenomenal. I cannot think back to a time where my summer was uneventful. However, even in the bests of seasons, I still hear my grandmother’s last advice, ‘make sure you remember to take care, my dear’. And so I encourage you, the reader, to take special care, during these summer months. The summer months often afford a perspective on life that encourages self liberation, creativity and unbounded optimism. And naturally, the structures that I have developed throughout the year, generally tend to erode as I begin my summer excursions. …