Day: June 10, 2017

SPRING: Health + Nutrition.

Navigating to the Blue Zone Editors Note: Spring has finally sprung! And Spring in NYC, is a Spring like no other. The color combinations of the red, purple and white cherry blossoms, the reintroduction of native flora and fauna, the spike of ambient oxygen, the birds first songs, its crazy awesome. NYC’s spring is like the prologue to what scientist are now classifying as the blue zones, the places on Earth where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else.  BLUE ZONES tend to be saturated with HEALTHY and thriving individuals that are truly invested in building sustainable social relationships, identifying a purpose in life and creating a harmonious balance between their professional and personal lives. My research on individuals who live healthy, happy and above all, FULLING lives, have revealed a salient virtue, those individuals all PRACTICE, improve and investigate novel ideas for healthy living. On a more personal note, three of my four great-grandmothers are still alive. Two are currently living in the Caribbean and one in the United Kingdom. And what I have learned from interacting with these intelligent women, is that they embody …